The Northern Counties Builders Federation

The Northern Counties Builders Federation is a long established trade association that represents construction companies operating within the North East of England. We have historic ties with the National Federation of Builders, but operate entirely independently of them, have our own funds, and an agenda to promote, encourage and develop the local construction industry. NCBF was established in 1898, bringing together companies within the Construction Industry to meet and discuss issues and concerns of the day.

From examining the archives, those issues and concerns weren’t dissimilar to those we have today:
  • Workload
  • Tender Costs
  • HR
  • Wages and Conditions
  • Government Policies
NCBF Donations


The bulk of our investment income is used to encourage training and supporting local inititatives in the North East like CAN (Construction Alliance North East) and Constructing Excellence North East.



1880 - 2018

During the ensuing years NCBF became the Regional Arm of the National Federation of Building Trades Employers and following NFBTE’s metamorphosis, the NCBF became a stand alone entity in 1992.

Over the years NCBF has accumulated a portfolio of assets which has given them a solid investment potential. These funds have been invested in conjunction with the NCBF’s financial advisers and from this, dividends are received.



We wish to encourage new members and we are sure that they can obtain benefit from membership.

Membership to NCBF is £100 and has many benefits.

NCBF Donations